wholesales 2ml autosampler vials from China
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wholesales 2ml autosampler vials from China

Feb. 25th, 2021
In HPLC analysis and testing, 2ml autosampler vials with aluminum cap is very popular because aluminum caps have excellent sealing properties and samples can be stored for a long time. Glass vials are very suitable for autosamplers, so the 2ml crimp-top glass vial with aluminum cap provided by Aijiren is highly rated by customers.
Wide open bottles provide more target space for easier sample preparation and to reduce the chances of bending or breaking needles during sampling. The 2ml autosampler vials are made of transparent Type 1 Class A or amber Type 1 Class B borosate glass. 10-425 screws and 10mm septum should be used.
2ml autosampler vials is a container designed to temporarily hold samples analyzed as part of gas (GC) or liquid (HPLC) chromatography. Ayjiren Scientific offers a wide range of viaals that have passed ISO9001:2020 quality certification, providing the industry's highest quality to make sample analysis the most accurate.
Ayjiren's 2ml autosampler vials has customized services such as the color of the pp cap, whether the vial has tick marks and label areas, and whether the customer's brand logo is printed. These are all customizable items. IDyrene provides our customers with high-quality products and services that meet their needs.
All auto samplerials of Ajiren Tech are 100% integrity tested and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standard. If a 2ml autosampler vial is required. Please contact Ajiren.