Buy crimp top headspace GC vials from China Certified Manufacturer
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Buy crimp top headspace GC vials from China Certified Manufacturer

Dec. 27th, 2019
Crimp Top Headspace GC Vials and closures must form a tight seal for accurate analysis with reproducible results. Available in clear or amber Type I borosilicate glass with crimp or screw thread finishes. 
The Crimp Top Headspace GC Vials are used to heat the sample until the concentration of the liquid and gas phases are in equilibrium. A sample is then taken from the gas phase (headspace) for analysis. 
In usual, there are round bottoms and flat bottoms headspace vial. Both types of headspace vials are suitable for automatic gas phase instruments, but there is a difference between round bottoms and flat bottoms Crimp Top Headspace GC Vials in use.
For use on Crimp Top Headspace GC Vials or LC Large Volume Vials. Crimp capping is still a preferred method by some laboratories to ensure sample integrity, particularly those containing volatile compounds.
If there have any requirement about the Crimp Top Headspace GC Vials for your GC testing,please contact Aijrien,Which is the leading supplier of Chromatography Consumables over 10 years.
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