Factory Directly Supply 20mm Crimp Top Vials from Aijiren
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Factory Directly Supply 20mm Crimp Top Vials from Aijiren

Dec. 27th, 2019
Every 20mm Crimp Top Vials are precleanedl and packaged in an ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom, in a box bearing the Class 10K seal. The result is a vial that exceeds most OEM requirements at no additional cost. Cleaner vialsimprove performance by eliminating almost all particulate.
Why Choose Us for 20mm Crimp Top Vials
Quality – You can expect our glass vial product to be of the highest quality because they must pass the most stringent Quality Assurance tests before they arrive at your door.
Reliability – You can rest assured that the glass vials you purchase will reliably perform the jobs for which they are designed.
Integrity – We stand behind our 20mm Crimp Top Vials with confidence, because we fulfill our commitment to producing the safest and highest quality product.
Requires but does not include Bench 20mm Crimp Top Vials. For use on GC Headspace Vials or LC Large Volume Vials. Crimp capping is still a preferred method by some laboratories to ensure sample integrity, particularly those containing volatile compounds.
Welcome your inquirying about the 20mm Crimp Top Vials,and other chromatography vials from Aijrien,which is the leading supplier of chromatography vials over 15 years.