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China 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial Factory

Jun. 4th, 2020
There are so many 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial factories in China. With the development of chromatography analysis technology, 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial is shortage. At that time, some China 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial factories were built. But the quality of 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial is mixed. Aijiren is one of the standard 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial manufacturer.
China 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial factory mainly supply autosampler vial, which are available in a variety of neck finishes and opening diameters. Large mouth or wide sample vials have approximately a 40% wider mouth opening than standard opening sample vials. The large opening sample vial reduces the risk of bent autosampler needles during sampling.
China 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial factory supply autosampler vial in strictly controlled. If the tolerance is not strictly controlled, the size and wall weight of HPLC sample vial may be different. The reason will affect the sample volume in sample vial. It is very important for a small number of samples. 
China 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial factory—Aijiren runs through the strict tolerance control in the entire manufacturing process, from the initial design to the final photoelectric scanning inspection process, to ensure the accuracy of each sample vial and cap specifications. So Aijiren HPLC sample vial can be compatible to instrument.
Aijiren is one of the standard 1.5ml HPLC Sample Vial factory in China. Aijiren sample vial can be seen in 132 countries’ laboratory, which including autosampler vial, storage vial, test tube and reagent bottle. Welcome to inquiry us.