China 2ML 9mm autosampler vials supplier
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China 2ML 9mm autosampler vials supplier

Nov. 3rd, 2021
The classification of 2ML 9mm autosampler vial is generally done based on the diameter of the vial body, vial height, and thread finish. Clear glass and amber glass present similar inertness. The markings on the vials are useful for sample identification information. 
 China 2ML 9mm autosampler vials supplier
Our 2ML 9mm autosampler vial for autosampler is constructed from type 33 and type 51 COE borosilicate glass, with low metal content, to protect your sample from destabilizing or leaching. 
Aijiren 2ML 9mm autosampler vial and screw caps are the best choice for HPLC and GC instrument platforms in a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, environmental, energy and fuel, forensics, materials science, biopharmaceuticals, proteomics and metabolomics.
 2ML 9mm autosampler vials supplier from China
All 2ML 9mm autosampler vial may appear to be created equal, but quality and performance make the difference when analyzing vital samples. Aijiren vials are cleaned and packaged in a certified Class 10,000 clean room according to a designed process, developed to eliminate chromatographic errors associated with vials. 
Please contact Aijiren. If you have any requirements for 2ML 9mm autosampler vial.We have to focus on chromatography consumables producing over 15+ years.