2 ml clear screw vial hole cap with PTFE silicone septum
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2 ml clear vial screw top hole cap with PTFE silicone septum

Nov. 8th, 2021
Aijiren offers the 2ml clear screw vial you need for your sample, with a wide variety of septa material options available. The unique Dispenser maintains closure and septa and helps reduce the handling of the packaging.
 2ml clear hplc vials hole cap with PTFE silicone septum
From start to finish, Aijiren HPLC, GC, and 2ml clear screw vial and cap products are manufactured to provide high quality, state-of-the-art solutions for your most challenging, sensitive applications. No vial is placed in inventory without passing cleanliness and performance testing for consistency resulting in a certified, 100% defect-free vial you can trust.
2ml clear hplc vial hole cap with PTFE silicone septum
By choosing our caps and septa, you provide your sample with the best containment solution available. Using Aijiren 2ml clear screw vial can protect your sample, limiting unnecessary downtime and expensive repairs.
The caps and septa are designed and manufactured to ensure a good seal. The entire production line is under quality control; we also perform chromatographic performance tests on silicone rubber septa to ensure the highest standard purity requirements and eliminate impurity contamination and possible analytical errors. 
 2ml clear hplc vials hole cap with PTFE silicone septums
All lab consumables of Aijiren Tech are 100% integrity tested and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. If you have any requirements for 2ml clear screw vial. Please contact Aijiren.