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China 2ml Clear Glass Vial Factory

Sep. 3rd, 2020
Aijiren is China 2ml Clear Glass Vial factory, which 2ml screw thread top sample vials design is characterized by universal ease of use, especially the use of automated sample introduction systems in chromatography analysis field, so this type of vial is also called 2ml Clear Glass Vial and chromatography sample vial.
China 2ml Clear Glass Vial is extremely compatible with famous instrument, such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters and Thermo Fisher. As international standard, the 2ml Clear Glass Vial is usually said to 2ml glass autosampler vial. So when you purchase the glass vial, you only confirm the raw material of 2ml Clear Glass Vial. Don’t worry about the volume. 
The design of China 2ml Clear Glass Vial are developed from Europe and the United States, and the design feature is easy to in autosampler system. The size of 2ml Clear Glass Vial is 11.6x32mm; The thickness of the vial wall is also strictly in accordance with the thickness of the international glass tube, to ensure the safety and accuracy of the experiment.
Aijiren is the factory of 2ml Clear Glass Vial. All of the 2ml Clear Glass Vial is produced in a class 100000 cleanroom. Aijiren has a standardized laboratory where the production of vials is subject to random sampling and the relevant testing experiments can be completed before delivery. Strict product control system also makes Aijiren 2ml Clear Glass Vial widely recognized by the market.
As a 2ml Clear Glass Vial factory, Aijiren supply 2ml glass vials in wholesale price to customers, if you have purchasing needs, please hurry to contact our customer to get the price.