China Manufacturer 2ml Amber Vials from Aijiren Tech
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China Manufacturer 2ml Amber Vials from Aijiren Tech

May. 9th, 2020
Classification of HPLC Amber Vials is typically carried out based on the diameter of the vial body, vial height and thread finish. 

Clear glass and amber glass represent similar inertness. HPLC Amber Vials is used to avoid exposing samples sensitive to UV rays. 

The display of the HPLC Amber Vials are useful for sample identification information. The HPLC Amber Vials can be used appropriately to inject samples from autosamplers. 

They are used by the ubiquity of 2mL HPLC Amber Vials of various sizes. The autosampler needle penetrates the cap during injection to remove the required amount of analytical water from the HPLC Amber Vials

Aijiren offers different types of HPLC Amber Vials for chromatography applications.