Feature of 20ml Screw Headspace GC Vial
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Feature of 20ml Screw Headspace GC Vial

May. 8th, 2020
About Headspace GC Vial, there are screw top GC vial and crimp top GC vial. In recently, 20ml screw headspace GC vial is widely used in the experiment. What is the feature of 20ml screw Headspace GC Vial? you will get answer in this article.

20ml screw Headspace GC Vial belongs to autosampler vial; 20ml screw Headspace GC Vial was often used for Shimadzu, Thchcomp, Varian, and other autosamplers. It is easy to analysis sample element.

20ml screw Headspace GC Vial is made of clear type1 class A or amber type 1 class B borosilicate glass. Aijiren produce 20ml screw Headspace GC Vial using foreign high-quality imported raw materials. It can high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. 

The cap of 20ml screw Headspace GC Vial is made of high quality aluminum material. Precise manufacturing tolerances, controlled manufacturing environment; All of those guarantee the screw Headspace GC Vial quality.

As a chromatography consumable manufacturer, Aijiren have been widely recognized by customers. Choose 20ml screw Headspace GC Vial, Aijiren must be the best one. Welcome to inquiry.