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China standard hplc filter vials supplier

Sep. 24th, 2021
 Aijiren filter vials provide a convenient way to filter samples before LC or GC analysis. Filter vials are a fast, economical, and environmentally friendly way to filter samples when you need to filter enough for your analysis, compared to a combination of syringe filters, syringes, autosampler vials, septum, and caps.

hplc filter vials for sale


  1. Recommended for samples with solid particles less than 10%.
  2. The easy-to-use vial speeds up sample filtration and requires you to squeeze your finger.
  3. Minimize sample loss by eliminating multiple transfers.
  4. The color-coded cap makes it easy to identify 0.2μm or 0.45μm membranes of PVDF, PTFE, PES or nylon.
  5. The pre-slit PTFE/silicone cap helps eliminate broken autosampler needles and septums with cores.
  6. The rugged polypropylene vial houses insert with a load capacity of 450 μL and a low dead volume (120 μL).
  7. Fits most standard 12 x 32mm autosamplers, including UHPLC equipment.

hplc filter vials supplier

Will using Aijiren Filter Vials help me save time vs. traditional sample filtration?

Traditional sample preparation requires multiple steps and transfers before the sample is ready to be injected. Verex Filter Vials reduces sample pretreatment into two steps. Just dispense the sample and compressor filter. Plus, imagine saving extra time because you don’t have to order multiple part numbers.

0.45um fitler vials vs tranditional filtration

Which filter pore size should I use for my samples?

For HPLC/UHPLC columns filled with chromatographic media of 3 μm or less, Aijiren filter vial with a 0.2μm filter membrane is recommended. The 0.2μm pore-sized filter membrane provides an effective barrier against unwanted particles entering the system’s flow path. This reduces column clogging, increases column life, and increases system uptime.
For HPLC columns with chromatography media of 4 μm or more, a Verex filter vial with a 0.45 μm filter membrane is recommended.


How to Use?

Step1. place your sample in the external vial using a pipette or syringe.

step 1 place your sample

Step2. Compress the internal plunger to push your sample through the filter membrane

step 2 compress the internal plunger

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