hplc vial inserts for autosampler vials 100pics per pack
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hplc vial inserts for autosampler vials 100pics per pack

Oct. 13th, 2021
HPLC vial inserts can be used in combination with autosamplers to maximize sample recovery and easy removal of samples. Vial inserts allow the use of small amounts of samples with standard autosampler vials. Inserts must be selected based on the inner diameter of the vial neck.

Aijiren HPLC vial inserts are ideal for small-volume samples supported by12x32mm vials. The inserts are pre-assembled with polyethylene springs that help align.
The tapered design allows for the complete removal of the sample; The flat-bottomed design is affordable.

With the correct default setting on an autosampler, these HPLC vial inserts have practically no dead volume. The syringe needle can strike the bottom of the insert without being damaged. The polymer feet act as a shock absorber. This allows all of the sample to be withdrawn. These inserts are self-aligning and stand straight.


Choosing the incorrect size of the HPLC vial inserts can result in poor reproducibility between sample injections, damage to the autosampler needle, and an inadequate seal between the septum and the vial.

So any requirement about 
HPLC vial inserts, please conact with us.