Chinese Manufacturer of 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial for HPLC Testing
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Chinese Manufacturer of 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial for HPLC Testing

Dec. 19th, 2019
The 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial for automatic samplers is made of low metal type 33 and 51 COE borate glass to prevent sample instability or leaching. By selecting the cap and pad, we provide the best sealing solution for the sample.
1.5ml Screw Neck Vial is less evaporating, reusable, less damage to the opponent during operation, and no special tools are required than crimp seals. According to the definition of the GPI Glass Packaging Institute, all threaded vials with threads and caps have different finish.
Looking for more from the package of 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial
Aijiren not only provides packaging and laboratory supplies, we also provide professional services! Professional kit assembly, pre-cleaned containers and parts, caps, professional bag configurations and labels - we pride ourselves on our ability to add value to our customers.
Zhejiang Lover Company specializes in laboratory 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial research and development work for more than 10 years, such as HPLC / GC / MS automatic sample bottle, PP bottle cap , PTFE / silicone spacer, with SGS certificate inserts.
It is compatible with many types of shimadzu, hot, water, and Agilent chromatography hplc gc instruments. For more information on chromatographic consumables or 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial, please contact us.