Wholesale 1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial from China Certified Supplier
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Wholesale 1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial from China Certified Supplier

Dec. 19th, 2019
Unlike test tubes with round bottoms, the 1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial with a cap is usually flat, but not for small hinged caps or curly-side sample bottles.
1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial is a slender, high cylindrical glass container that can be used to hold a variety of liquids, samples or samples.
As a basic supplier of laboratory products specializing in the medical, life sciences, chemical and research consumables product series, Aijiren is working with customers to develop high-quality end-user solutions. Ensure that consumers have a pleasant experience with 1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial.
Comparing the use of gas chromatography and HPLC instruments with the use of the cleaned chromatography bottle spline bottle and cap with the use of the new sample bottle, they described problems with a large number of images and tables, and a full-mass scan of the sample bottle.
Both clear glass and amber glass are highly inert. Amber glass helps protect sensitive samples by protecting them from uv rays. Sample bottles are mainly used to sample from the autosampler. They are sold in several sizes, although 1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial are more commonly used.
As a manufacturer of chromatographic consumables, Aijiren offers all of the above chromatographic bottles, caps and microinserts. Aijiren offers chromatography bottles that strictly adhere to international production standards to ensure accuracy of use. Ji lover people adhering to the concept of high-precision experiments, to the market to provide a batch of 100% high-quality chromatography bottles. Buy a 1.5ml Crimp Neck Vial and choose Aijiren.