Chromatography Consumables 2ml Screw Cap Vials for Sale
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Chromatography Consumables 2ml Screw Cap Vials for Sale

Dec. 31st, 2019
2ml Screw Cap Vials are less prone to breakage during decapping because more glass is used in the neck of the vial. The snap seal neck finish is compatible with either crimp and/or snap seals and no special tools are required to remove the cap. These vials are recommended for short term sample storage and non-volatile samples because the seal is not as secure as a crimp or screw thread seal.
Besides,2ml Screw Cap Vials are made from 33 expansion glass, which can be heated at higher temperatures during the manufacturing process (1,200°C) while clear glass vials are made from 51 expansion glass (heated at 1,00°C during manufacturing).
The material of the 2ml Screw Cap Vials,is USP Type 1, Class A, 3.3 Borosilicate Glass is the most inert and chemically resistant glass widely used in laboratories especially for chromatography applications. Type I glass is composed primarily of silicone and oxygen, with trace amounts of boron and sodium. It has the lowest leaching characteristics and a linear coefficient of expansion of 3.3.   
2ml Screw Cap Vials and caps provide low evaporation, reusability, less hand injury during manipulation than crimp seals and require no special tools. All screw threads vials and caps are differentiated by their thread finish as defined by the Glass Packaging Institute, GPI. 

The consistancy of our products between each batch is very good, you can be assure with our quality.
So if you want some 2ml Screw Cap Vials,or other requirement about chromatography consumables,please contact with us.