Supplier of Autosampler for HPLC 2ml Chromatography Vials
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Supplier of Autosampler for HPLC 2ml Chromatography Vials

Dec. 31st, 2019
Most HPLC 2ml Chromatography Vials will remain intact at -4C. At room temperature, short-term storage test samples do not require any special precautions and can be stored in glass vials containing organic solvents at temperatures as low as -80 ° c. However, a vial cap made of polypropylene in particular must be used. Because these materials become more and more brittle at temperatures below 0 ° c. Here are some rules to follow when freezing glass vials:
How HPLC 2ml Chromatography Vials color and material may affect your samples?
If your sample is sensitive to light, which may damage certain chemicals,use amber vials. If you need to view a color change then a clear vial is the best choice.
For better and precise analysis,re-using HPLC 2ml Chromatography Vials or closures is not a good choice.
Caps for screw thread vials are available with either an open hole for autosampler use and standard addition or with a solid top for sample storage. One piece polypropylene cap and membrane are also available. These pierceable screw thread caps are designed for one time use and reduce sample preparation time as there is no cap and seal to assemble.The HPLC 2ml Chromatography Vials is our most popular kind for autosampler.
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