COD Test Tube for Water Test from Aijiren
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COD Test Tube for Water Test from Aijiren

Nov. 6th, 2020
The COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren has many different capacities, including 9ml, 10ml, 12ml and 15ml. 9ml COD Test Tube is 16*90mm, LVB type, flat bottom. The specification of 10ml COD Test Tube is 16*100mm, HC type, with flat bottom and round bottom. Customers can choose according to their own machine type.
The specification of 12ml COD Test Tube is 16*125mm, round bottom, HC type glass. The specification of 15ml COD Test Tube is 16*150mm, round bottom, HC type glass. And these four capacity COD Test Tubes need to be matched with 16mm White Screw PC Cap with PTFE Septa for 16mm test tube.
Aijiren has its own factory workshop, which can produce high-quality COD Test Tube and Cap with Septa, Aijiren’s Vial workshop, Caps production workshop and Septa production workshop are all separate, which ensures that the work is specific, effective and clean. The COD Test Tube and Cap produced by Aijiren are packaged separately.
Aijiren’s COD Test Tube uses two types of packaging, 25 package and 100 package. Customers can choose according to the amount of each experiment they use. In addition, if you need to screw the Cap on the COD Test Tube, you will have to separately increase the labor cost. Aijiren’s tight packaging ensures that it minimizes damage caused by transportation on the road.
For laboratory analysis supplies, Aijiren has been working hard to broaden the product line, from chromatographic analysis to water quality analysis, Aijiren will continue to work hard to increase products in the future and bring more comprehensive product services to customers.