2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials Manufacturer from China
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2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials Manufacturer from China

Nov. 6th, 2020
Among the 2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials manufactured by Aijiren, the Screw Thread vials sells the best. For the screw thread vial in 2ml, there are several different caliber sizes,such as 8mm,9mm and 10mm. Customers can choose according to the size of the autosampler they use. 
The specification of 8mm 2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials are 11.6*32mm, you can choose 5.0 type or 7.0 type glass, 7.0 type is more stable. At the same time, you can choose amber and clear colors. 8mm screw cap has 5.5mm center hole for autosampler or sealed top for storing samples. The size of Septa is 8*1.5mm, which can be divided into two types: pre-slit and complete septa.
The specification of 9mm 2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials are 11.6*32mm, and the bottle mouth is larger than the 8mm one, which is more convenient for sampling by autosampler. It is also divided into 5.0type and 7.0type, clear and amber colors. It is worth mentioning that the amber glass produced by Aijiren is 5.0type. And the 9mm 2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials is also made of plastic, also available in clear and amber colors.
The size of the 10mm 2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials are 11.6*32mm. You can choose the vial with a label area for easy marking of sample types or without a label area. The glass material is 5.0 type, and you can choose clear or amber colors. The screw cap can only be made in black and with a 7mm center hole, the size of the septa is 10*1.5mm.
Aijiren’s 2ml Screw Thread HPLC Vials can be matched with Micro-inserts, and micro-inserts of different sizes are available for 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. Basically, Aijiren's products are 100pcs/pack. It is recommended that customers purchase vial with Caps and Septa as a package. Aijiren has been working hard for the convenience of customer procurement.