Compared with 2ml Glass Vial Quality and its Price
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Compared with 2ml Glass Vial Quality and its Price

Jul. 16th, 2020
2ml Glass Vial is a small container made of borosilicate glass that is used to storage samples. Put the sample into the 2ml Glass Vial, then put the 2ml Glass Vial into the autosampler, so the instrument takes over. The sample is being separated and tested. 
Compared to other components of the analysis process, 2ml Glass Vial is in a secondary position. In fact, 2ml Glass Vial is usually one of the first components affected by cost reductions.
Most laboratories are making every effort to reduce operating costs. This blind and constant search for cost-cutting methods may indirectly increase costs in the long run. Choosing a lower-cost 2ml Glass Vial will inevitably affect the quality of the vial. Poor quality 2ml Glass Vial can cause a range of problems, including:broken vials, sample leaks, improper installation, leaching of extractables and sample loss. These issues reduce laboratory productivity and thus eliminate any expected cost savings for low-cost vials.
The solution is to ensure that you use high-quality 2ml Glass Vial, compatible with various analytical applications. Understanding what is involved in the manufacture of 2ml Glass Vial will help you select high quality 2ml Glass Vial in low price. For example, what is silicate, coefficient of expansion (COE) and type 1, when it comes to vials.
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