Disposable 25mm Micron Filter for Sale
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Disposable 25mm Micron Filter for Sale

Jan. 24th, 2020
Our 25mm Micron Filter are properly labeled to ensure an easy identification. For the best results, check this label and you can buy them in a pack of 200 pieces.

These HPLC certified 25mm Micron Filter is manufactured under stringent QA and QC processes. They can be used for applications in sterile filtration, CE samples, and HPLC samples having a lesser solid content. 
Applications of 25mm Micron Filter.
Note: Syringe filters are for research only and are not intended for use in human parenteral applications, unless otherwise noted.
1.Dry air or gases filtration and particulate removal (0.45 mm and 8 mm pore size)
2.Ultra cleaning and sterile filtration of liquids (0.2 mm pore size)
3.Small volume filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions
4.Removal of particulates from liquids; microbial reduction

Please contact with Aijiren.If you have any requirement about 25mm Micron Filter.