Wholesale 25mm Micron Syringe Filter for Sterile Filtration
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Wholesale 25mm Micron Syringe Filter for Sterile Filtration

Jan. 22nd, 2020
The high-quality 25mm Micron Syringe Filter from Aijiern is perfect for filtratio. With its extra-low hold-up volume, it ensures higher sample recovery.
The construction of these 25mm Micron Syringe Filter comprises a PP housing and a membrane component. The membrane materials available at Simsii are nylon, PVDF, PTFE, MCE, CA, and PES. 
Specific Instruction for Particulate Removal, Clarification, Prefiltration, and Sterile Filtration of Liquids
1.Remove a 25mm Micron Syringe Filter from the box.
2.For liquid filtration, draw liquid into a syringe that has a luer lock connector.
3.Starting at one corner, peel the protective backing off the blister part.
4.Hold blister part in one hand and connect syringe to the luer inlet of syringe filter holder.
5.If needed, attach a sterile needle (for a male luer slip) to the outlet of the syringe filter and remove the protective cap.
6.To prevent air bubbles and assure proper wetting of the membrane, hold syringe and 25mm Micron Syringe Filter assembly with the luer outlet or needle pointing upwards. Slowly press in the plunger until a bead of liquid exits from the outlet or needle.
7.25mm Micron Syringe Filter the contents of the syringe into a flask or other suitable container.
8. Should you need to spike a closure (first, it must be spikable), disinfect the site to be spiked with a disinfectant such as 70% alcohol.
9.When filtration is complete, discard the syringe filter holder.
NOTE: When working with infectious or radioactive material, follow all rules and regulations for disposal.
Any requirement about 25mm Micron Syringe Filter,Aijiren is your best choice.