GC Headspace Vials for Gas Chromatography
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GC Headspace Vials for Gas Chromatography

Oct. 27th, 2020
Aijiren's Headspace Vials are often used in gas chromatography,a chromatography aeparation and analysis method that USES gas ad a mobile phase. The pattern of vaporization is brought into the chromatography column by the mobile phase. The molecular forca of the fixed phase in the chromatography column is different from that of the sample.
The outflow time of each component from the chromatographic column is different,and the components are separated from each other. The non-volatile liquid and solid materials can be decomposed at high temperature and then analyzed after gasification. 
It can be used in conjunction with red light and receiver spectroscopy or mass spectrometry to achieve high accuracy by using chromatography as a means of separating complex samples. It is an importand analytical method to detect organic compouns in judicial expertise.
Therefore,the Headspace Vials need strict sealing performance,and can withstand high temperature,maintain the vial stability. Therefore,Aijiren pays great attention to the technology of Headspace Vials. Aijiren's Headspace Vials have 5.0 type and 7.0 type for customers to choose.
Aijiren always insists on doing a good job in products,improving product quality and building brand advantages to attract customers. In the future, Aijren will also insist on making good products.