Wide Mouth GL45 Reagent Bottle for Lab
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Wide Mouth GL45 Reagent Bottle for Lab

Oct. 27th, 2020
Aijiren provide chromatography consumables since 2007,we have worked hard to develop product lines and produce various types of chromatographic consumables,among which Reagent Bottles are very popular with customers.
Aijiren's Reagent Bottles are also frequently used in HPLC experiments and are usually used to contain the reagent to be tested. And Aijiren found the Wide Mouth GL45 reagent bottle for storing reagents.            
Aijiren's Wide Mouth GL45 Reagent Bottles are designed to meet experimental requirements,such as a wide mouth,which is very convenient for adding and dumping reagent. The screw design also makes it difficult for reagents to spill or miss during dumping.
In addition,the sloping shoulders are design,the sloping shoulders are designed to be ideal for dumping liquid and also to speed up the flow of liquid. The convex design at the bottom of the Reagent Bottles can also be used for liquid preparation. The bottom of the round bottle makes the Reagent Bottles station more stable.
Aijiren has been working hard to build its brand  into a world-class supplier of chromatography consumables. At present, Aijiren products have been shipped to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Aijiren will continue its efforts in the future.