GL45 media bottle for lab using
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GL45 media bottle for lab using

Dec. 31st, 2021
Aijiren is the leading supplier of lab consumables.The range volumes of GL45 media bottles are available:50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml.And clear and amber are also available.
250ml clear and amber reagent bottle fit for storing chemical 
GL45 media bottles typically come in two colors: clear and amber. Clear bottles are ideal for displaying items and amber bottles protect the contents from light.
 Sizes range is up to 1000 ml and the larger ones may be used to store preserved biological specimens in the lab. The large ones also make excellent terrariums or miniature aquariums.
The white marking area is clear to label for security and accountability, and the graduation is also very easy to identify. Both the graduations and writing areas are chloroform-resistant.The amber glass can effectively avoid light.
 Boro3.3 250ml reagent bottle with blue screw caps
Characteristic of GL45 media bottles
 1.Round Bottle with Screw Cap, Borosilicate 3.3 glass
2.With DIN thread GL 45, pouring ring and PP screw cap autoclavable to 140°C. 
3.Excellent chemical resistance ; Minimal thermal expansion 
4.Permanent white enamel graduations markings5.Large area for bottle marking/identification 
6.Transparent -contents and volume can be quickly check 
7.Reusable and breakage resistant 
8.Suitable for general purpose laboratory applications, such as storage, sample preparation, transport, autoclaving media.

We can provide a long-time Support Guarantee. Have any requirements for GL45 media bottles, please contact me promptly.