High Recovery 2ml Autosampler Amber Vials for Lab Testing
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High Recovery 2ml Autosampler Amber Vials for Lab Testing

May. 15th, 2020
All Aijiren vials are ideal for autosamplers, chemically compatible and clean. The Aijiren Autosampler Vials uses first-grade chemically hydrolyzed glass, and its chemical properties are extremely compatible.

The crimped top Autosampler Vials is the most commonly used gas sampling vials on the market today. The Autosampler Vials with a volume of 2ml is especially suitable for practical use in experiments. At the same time, some Autosampler Vials bottom plates are designed as round bottom plates, making the bottom plate flat and compatible with automatic sampling equipment.

Aijiren's Autosampler Vials can be strictly quality guaranteed to ensure dimensional consistency between batches, and are certified and fully compatible with the autosampler, with excellent quality control, including height, diameter, bottom surface , Thickness and neck / thread, cleanliness.

Aijiren Autosampler Vials design is characterized by universal ease of use, especially the use of automated sample introduction systems.And this sample vial is extremely compatible. The 1.5ml sample vial we usually say is the 2ml volume sample vial.

Autosampler Vials are extremely inert because the inertness of the vial reduces the peak variability of the analyte.Autosampler Vials are equipped with a certificate of analysis to ensure normal operation even in harsh environments.