Laboratory 2ml Screw Neck Vials on Stock
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Laboratory 2ml Screw Neck Vials on Stock

May. 15th, 2020
2ml Screw Neck Vials are usually grouped according to vial diameter, vial height, and yarn finish. Both clear glass and amber glass are very inert. Amber glass helps prevent exposure to ultraviolet light, thus protecting samples of a sensitive nature. The vials are mainly used to inject samples from a Autosampler
The 2ml Screw Neck Vials are made of clear borosilicate glass, type 1 class A or amber, type 1 class B and include a writing patch for sample identification.The thread vials are made of borosilicate glass and have a maximum filling volume of 2 ml.
Easy to use: 2ml Screw Neck Vials require fewer turns to make an airtight seal, saving you time, especially when considering how often vials should be opened and closed,and how many samples you have in addition, with fewer screw turns, there is less chance that staff will suffer repetitive movement disorders.
2ml Screw Neck Vials have a special design to ensure that the vial has the maximum possible strength to withstand higher positive internal pressures.
Aijiren guarantees the quality of 2ml Screw Neck Vials and will treat every valued customers with the best service.