Lab 500ml Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale
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Lab 500ml Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale

Sep. 18th, 2020
Aijiren is a manufacturer specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables, with its own bottle manufacturing factory and unique bottle manufacturing process. Aijiren's product quality has been well received by customers at home and abroad.
The 500ml Reagent Bottle is made of soda-lime glass, with uniform wall thickness, even if it is heated, it will not cause cracks in the bottle due to uneven heating. Moreover, as an extremely inert material, soda-lime glass is very suitable for holding reagents for HPLC detection, and powder waiting to be tested.
The 500ml Reagent Bottle has a ceramic scale, which is not easy to fall off and is not easy to fade and blur. It is convenient for users to observe the level of reagents in the bottle, convenient to add reagents in time, and accurately grasp the amount of reagents added.                                                                       
In addition, Aijiren's 500ml Reagent Bottle is specially designed with the shoulder and the thread of the bottle mouth. The oblique shoulder design of the shoulder is to facilitate the pouring of reagents. The threaded design of the bottle mouth makes it convenient for reagents not to remain in the bottle mouth, and it is also convenient to close the lid and seal it.
The most important thing is that the 500ml Reagent Bottle has a wide caliber. This wide caliber is very convenient for adding reagents and powder waiting for testing samples. Aijiren's reagent bottle, as a new product on the line, sells well in various laboratories at home and abroad. You are welcome to inquire after reading this article. New customers have discounts.