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HPLC 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle from Aijiren in Stock
Aijiren's 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle has a special production process, and the materials are all special materials. Aijiren's craftsmanship and materials are highly praised by customers.
Lab 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle with Screw Thread
Aijiren is a manufacturer of chromatographic consumables, especially famous for its high-quality reagent bottles.
HPLC Reagent Bottle in 250ml
As a supplier specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables, Aijiren guarantees to provide high-quality high-quality reagent bottles. The 250ml reagent bottles are suitable for HPLC in terms of quality and volume.
250ml Clear Reagent Bottle Application in Experiment
The application of 250ml clear reagent bottle in the experiment is also constantly innovating.Know about information about 250ml reagent bottle, please contact
Lab Reagent Bottle in 250ml for HPLC Analysis
Aijiren’s 250ml Reagent Bottle is suitable for holding reagents for HPLC analysis. Aijiren’s consistently high quality has won the trust of customers.
Lab 500ml Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale
Aijiren launched a new Reagent Bottle for HPLC Analysis. The Reagent Bottle will be used to hold reagents and help complete HPLC Analysis and other processes.
The Development of 500ml Clear Reagent Bottle in Laboratory
This 500ml transparent reagent bottle is not only used for holding mobile phase, but also used for daily reagent storage, dispensing and transportation.
Round Bottom Laboratory 500ml Reagent Bottle on Sale
500ml reagent bottles are one of the most common containers in the laboratory.Now, laboratory round bottom 500ml reagent bottle is on sale, please contact to get quotation.
Reagent Bottle 500ml with GL45 Screw Cap for Sale
Reagent Bottle 500ml designed to allow the use of a user-defined reagent on Autostainer Link instruments. Each single-use bottle is labeled with positive identification technology. The User-Fillable Reagent Bottle 500ml is designed to allow the use of a custom reagent on the Dako Autostainer Link family of instruments.
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