Lab Wide Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale
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Lab Wide Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale

Aug. 25th, 2020
Aijiren is a supplier specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables. Our factory has strict production standards and product inspection systems to ensure that the Reagent Bottles produced by Aijiren are high-quality products. Let me introduce Reagent Bottles in detail below.
One feature of the Reagent Bottles produced by Aijiren is that the bottle has a wide caliber, which is very convenient for pouring samples. To match this, the shoulder design of the Reagent Bottles are also inclined. The wider caliber design has another advantage. It is convenient to add the chemicals in the Reagent Bottles in time.
Aijiren's Reagent Bottles are designed and manufactured in China, and DURAN Reagent Bottles are designed and manufactured in China. These bottles are made of high-quality silicate glass and provide maximum chemical resistance with minimal thermal expansion, making them the best choice for laboratory applications.
Aijiren's bottle-making process strives to ensure the uniform wall texture of the Reagent Bottles. The Aijiren reagent bottle provides unparalleled uniform wall thickness distribution, which guarantees: the mechanical stability and high temperature resistance of the Reagent Bottles, and prevents the formation of stress in the glass , And may burst during heating and cooling.
Aijiren's manufacturing process can extend the life of laboratory glassware and protect valuable chemical substances. If you buy chromatographic consumables, please choose Aijiren, we are a well-known brand in China, and we will prove ourselves with product quality.