China Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap
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China Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap

Aug. 25th, 2020
With the development of the laboratory, the shape of the reagent bottle has also changed. Antique or old-fashioned Reagent Bottles are often similar to classic medicine bottles, and have a glass stopper, which is often not a standard size, so very old bottles should be stored carefully when storing samples. Regularly, replace old reagent bottles to screw cap Reagent Bottles.
Most of the existing screw cap Reagent Bottles are made of soda-lime glass and  borosilicate glass 3.3. This reagent bottle has a built-in diversion ring, and the liquid will no-drip pour lip in the bottle. The reagent bottles generally has large writing patch and scales, which are convenient for experimenters to record and read the scales.
China screw cap Reagent Bottles have different capacities, such as 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, etc. These Reagent Bottles are widely used in working condition enterprises, universities and colleges laboratories. It is mostly used to store various chemicals, reagent solutions, etc. 
The Reagent Bottles are equipped with a GL45 universal screw cap, which can meet your various needs in different working environments. High temperature sterilisation (at 140 degrees C) and a lid resistant to 180 degrees C are also available. Resistant to strong acids and alkalis, resistant to organic solvents, corrosion resistance, good sealing.
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