Large Volume Glass Reagent Bottle on Stock
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Large Volume Glass Reagent Bottle on Stock

Aug. 17th, 2020
Aijiren's Reagent Bottle is usually used to hold samples during laboratory testing. The scale on the Reagent Bottle body can clearly show the remaining amount of sample. If it is a liquid sample, the scale can facilitate the laboratory personnel to observe and control the liquid level rise and fall to ensure that the sample is added in time. 
Aijiren uses high-quality inert glass to produce Reagent Bottle, so most of Aijiren's Reagent Bottle have thicker walls and are not easy to react with chemicals. Reagent Bottle is also available in Amber color. The difference between Amber Reagent Bottle and Reagent Bottle of ordinary clear glass is that it can protect light-sensitive samples.
The focus of the Reagent Bottle design is a large-volume bottle. Because there are more samples to be contained, the bottle mouth of the Reagent Bottle is also made into a large opening for easy pouring samples. The screw thread design of the bottle mouth also makes the Reagent Bottle more convenient to seal.
The high-quality glass ensures that the Reagent Bottle can withstand low and high temperatures, ranging from -50° to 200°. The large area of the bottle can be used for reagent identification. It can be automatic, manual, and can be reused after cleaning. The Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren is wear-resistant and durable, and can be used in the laboratory for a long time.
Aijiren has been engaged in the chromatography consumables industry for more than ten years. Aijiren has been working hard to become a world-renowned supplier of chromatography consumables. Reagent Bottle is our representative product. We hope that our Reagent Bottle can satisfy customers.