Aijiren Glass Reagent Bottle in Stock
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Aijiren Glass Reagent Bottle in Stock

Aug. 18th, 2020
Aijiren is the manufacturer of Glass Reagent Bottle. This glass reagent bottle have also been employed by research institutions across the globe, including laboratories associated,  Medical College, University and institutes. This Glass Reagent Bottle is in stock, if your laboratory shortage of Glass Reagent Bottle, Aijiren can delivery those bottle in time.
Aijiren Glass Reagent Bottle has also received FDA and ISO9001 certification, which is reportedly incidence of the FDA taking an active interest in reagent bottle material.  Aijiren supply amber Glass Reagent Bottle and clear Glass Reagent Bottle. All of the reagent bottle are glass material. Aijiren glass reagent bottle is in stock. 
Glass Reagent Bottle Caps range in size from narrow mouthed to wide mouthed. A glass or plastic funnel is needed to properly fill a Glass Reagent Bottle from a larger or equal sized container's mouth. Reagent bottle caps are commonly said to be "autoclavable". Aijiren supply reagent bottle cap including GL45 and GL80.
Aijiren Glass Reagent Bottle packaged in carton box. Depending on the capacity of the reagent bottle, 250 ml reagent bottles and 500ml reagent bottles are usually packed in 10/box. 24pcs/box was also packed, but the package is not safe. To prevent bottle damage, 10pcs/ box is the safest way to package. Aijiren supply the reagent bottle in safe and fast way to client.
Aijiren is reporting to be able to provide a variety of Glass Reagent Bottle, sample vial, HPLC vial and test tube. All the business managers are 7x24 on line service. Welcome to inquiry.