Launched of COD 16MM Test Tubes for Water Analysis
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Launched of COD 16MM Test Tubes for Water Analysis

Nov. 19th, 2020
The COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren is often used for water quality testing. In order to adapt to different models and brands of machines, Aijiren has launched a multi-size COD Test Tube. The caliber is a uniform 16mm, but the sizes are 9ml, 10ml, 12ml and 15ml. The 9ml COD Test Tube has a flat bottom, the 10ml COD Test Tube has a flat bottom and a round bottom, and the 12ml and 15ml COD Test Tubes have a round bottom.
TOC is the abbreviation of Total Organic Carbon. Aijiren’s COD Test Tube provides a great help for water quality analysis, and TOC Test Tube can often measure organic carbon to optimize the treatment process.Aijiren uses high-quality glass to make COD Test Tube, which provides customers with great convenience for laboratory equipment and experiments, and the test results obtained are also very accurate.
The COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren is often used for chemical oxygen demand testing. The process is as follows: 2mL of water or fresh water sample is added to a 16mm glass culture tube containing digestion agent and catalyst. Cover the tube with a polypropylene lined polypropylene tube and heat it in a block digester at 150°C for 2 hours. Orange hexavalent chromium is reduced to green trivalent chromium. The analysis range of spectrophotometry is 5-150ppm (measured at 420nm).
The chemical oxygen demand (COD) test is widely used as a measure of organic pollutants by determining the amount of oxygen required for the oxidation of reducing substances (including organic matter) in a water sample using a specific oxidant, and the reduction in temperature and time. The chemical oxygen demand test can better indicate the organic pollutants in industrial wastewater containing cyanide and heavy metals. COD testing can quickly respond to changing conditions before critical issues arise.
With the Aijiren COD Test Tube, each user can easily perform highly sensitive and accurate water detection. The time required for the measurement process is significantly shortened, especially for standard analysis and series measurement, while significantly reducing the workload.
The COD Test tube contains a precise dose of reagent. Therefore, excessive chemical inventory is avoided and work safety is improved.