The Working Principle of COD Vial
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The Working Principle of COD Vial

Nov. 18th, 2020
COD Vial with PP screw cap is primarily used with dissolvers and colorimeters. Therefore, COD vial can also be called anti-dissolving test tube and color test tube. Most experimenters also use the keyword antidote test tube when buying COD vial. It is important to remind you that the COD vial provided by Aijiren not includes hash reagents.
As for how COD Vial works, Please follow our article. Water quality COD ammonia nitrogen rapid measuring instrument, can quickly detect a variety of water quality COD and ammonia nitrogen values, integrated with the field of water quality analysis mature technology, so that the entire analysis system more perfect, more simple, faster operation, more stable and reliable test results.
COD Vial used for filling with sample, such as industrial wastewater. COD vial is widely used in emergency monitoring, sewage treatment, medicine, chemical industry, food, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, river treatment and industries wastewater testing, can also be used in scientific research units, universities and other institutions of wastewater research and use.
COD Vial meddling device is a heating device for water sample pre-treatment when measuring COD indicators, which in itself does not have a measurement function. So the  COD vials have to withstand certain high temperatures. In particular, plastic lids should be built to ensure that they do not melt during heating.
Aijiren is COD Vial manufacturer, flat bottom COD vial and round bottom COD vial are available. Please choose the suit COD vial as your experiment requirement.