Price of 13-425 Screw Thread 4mL Vials
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Price of 13-425 Screw Thread 4mL Vials

Jan. 9th, 2020
The 13-425 Screw-Thread 4mL Vials are made of transparent type 1, Class A borosilicate glass with a writable label for sample identification.
In addition, the glass mber-colored 13-425 Screw-Thread 4mL Vials are made of 33 expanded glass and can be heated at a high temperature (1,200 degrees Celsius) during the manufacturing process, while the transparent glass vial is made of 51 extended glass (heated at 1,00 degrees Celsius during production).
There are obviously many factors involved in choosing the best chromatographic 13-425 Screw-Thread 4mL Vials for a particular scientific need. The above information helps users make informed decisions about the materials they need in their laboratories.
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