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Certified 13mm Screw Vials and Caps for Sale
Zhejiang Aijrien mainly produces various chromatographic sample vials, 13mm Screw Vials.This convenience eliminates the need to assemble 13mm Screw Vials and blades before use.
Wholesale Screw Top 4ml Vials for HPLC Testing
Screw Top 4ml Vials with Wide cap 13-425 offers a large target area, PTFE/silicone, flexible seal, very durable, a wide selection, optional tick marks and ceramic writing labels.So if there have any requirement about Screw Top 4ml Vials,please contact with Aijrien.
Price of 13-425 Screw Thread 4mL Vials
There are obviously many factors involved in choosing the best chromatographic 13-425 Screw-Thread 4mL Vials for a particular scientific need. So when you need the 13-425 Screw-Thread 4mL Vials,please conatct with the leading supplier of chromatography consumables--Aijiren
Factory Directly Supply 4ml Vials for Chromatography Needs
Automatic sample 4ml Vials are available in a variety of neck finishes and opening diameters. 4ml Vials inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A conical insert with a plastic spring at the bottom is recommended because the spring guarantees a seal with a vial cap liner.
Premium 4ml Screw Top Vials for Sale from Aijiren
4ml Screw Top Vials and caps are less evaporated, more reusable than crimp seals, and less damage to the hands during operation, eliminating the need for special tools.So if there you have any requirement about 4ml Screw Top Vials,please contact with us right NOW !
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