Sample Storage Vial for Environmental Analysis
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Sample Storage Vial for Environmental Analysis

Nov. 17th, 2020
The Sample Storage Vials for environmental analysis produced by Aijiren are often used to store samples and are made of clear glass and amber glass. Aijiren has 15mm and 24mm screw neck vial, 15mm vial has 8ml and 12ml capacity, and 24mm vial has four types: 20ml, 30ml, 40ml and 60ml. Customers can choose the bottle caliber according to the size of their own sampling tools.
Aijiren Sample Storage Vials is an ideal device for general laboratory use and storage of diverse samples due to excellent sealability and chemical tolerance. Aijiren sample storage vials have excellent sealability and chemical resistance, and are ideal equipment for general laboratory use and various sample storage. Because of its high tightness, the screw thread makes the cap and vial tightly fit. Septa can fill the gap between Vial and Cap to prevent the sample from leaking out.
In addition, the chemically inert lids produced by Aijiren are ideal for most chromatography and storage applications. Use top PTFE or silicone septa to ensure clean production and stable quality of Sample Storage Vials. And the screw cap is also easy to operate,septa have different color,usually it use silicone and PTFE to make sure it will not break.
The Sample Storage Vials produced by Aijiren also has another name, called EPA vials. It is worth noting that the 24mm screw neck 40ml vias has another called TOC&Purge and Trap Vials. The matching Caps produced by Aijiren for TOC Vial are usually white and red, with a center hole for easy sample detection.
The Sample Storage Vials produced by Aijiren has a flat bottom, which can maintain a stable standing and reduce sprinkling. Borosilicate glass is used as the main material to enhance corrosion and temperature resistance. The high-quality price and favorable price are worth your order, and the price is cheap.