Screw Top Sample Storage Vials for Environmental Analysis
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Screw Top Sample Storage Vials for Environmental Analysis

Oct. 30th, 2020
The Sample Storage Vial produced by Aijiren is divided into two types of calibers, 15-425 and 24-400. The caliber length of 15-425 is 15mm, and the caliber length of 24-400 is 24mm. Both Sample Storage Vial are Screw Neck, which is convenient The laboratory personnel seal or open the vial.
15-425 Sample Storage Vial has two different capacities, 8ml and 12ml. The 8ml Sample Storage Vial has a specification of 16.6*60mm, and the 12ml Sample Storage Vial has a specification of 18.5*65mm. The Sample Storage Vial of these two capacities has a Clear. Both colors and Amber, the glass material is 7.0 type.
The 24-400 Sample Storage Vial has four types: 20ml, 30ml, 40ml and 60ml. The 20ml specification is 27.5*57mm, the 30ml specification is 27.5*75mm, the 40ml specification is 27.5*95mm, and the 60ml specification is 27.5* At 140mm, the four-capacity Sample Storage Vial is available in clear and amber colors. There are also 5.0type and 7.0type glasses to choose from.
The Caps of Sample Storage Vial are made of high-quality PP materials, and Septa are made of double-sided materials of PTFE and Silicone. The 15-425 Cap is black, and there are two types: Closed-Top and 9mm Center Hole. 24-400 Caps are available in white, black and red. Both black and white have Closed-Top and 15mm Center Hole types, red has only a center hole type.
Aijiren has an exclusive process that can press and compound Septa made of PTFE and Silicone to ensure that Septa is not deformed and easy to pierce. Aijiren has been working hard to improve technology and brand reputation, and strive to become a world-renowned laboratory consumables supplier as soon as possible.