GL45 Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles from China Supplier
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GL45 Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles from China Supplier

Nov. 5th, 2020
Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles, also called the culture medium bottle or the graduated bottle, is a container made of glass and other related materials and covered with a special cap. They are intended to be used in the laboratory for chemicals in liquid or powder form and are stored in cabinets or shelves. It is often used to contain reagents in HPLC experiments.
Aijiren’s current main product is the GL45 Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles. This reagent bottle has 4 different capacity specifications, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. The bottle has a scale and label area to mark the name and date of the sample. The GL45 Wide Mouth reagent bottle produced by Aijiren is made of soda lime glass.
Aijiren Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles include anti-drip sealing ring and standard blue polypropylene (GL45) sealing cap. The threaded design of the sealing cap ensures a tight seal and at the same time makes the operation of laboratory users convenient. It is not easy to pour reagents when pouring, and the wide mouth design is very convenient for adding new reagents.
It is worth noting that the Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles used in the laboratory or used to store chemicals should not be used to store food or beverages. The bottles in our kit are always brand new, but they may contain white residue during the grinding of the neck and stopper, so they should always be washed before use.
Aijiren's Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles have different packaging quantities depending on their capacity. Buy reagent bottles at Aijiren, the minimum order quantity is 1 box, 100ml reagent bottles have 120 pcs/box, 250ml reagent bottles are 80 pcs/box, 500ml reagent bottles are 48 pcs/box, 1000ml reagents The bottle is 24pcs/box.