Top Graduated Vials for Accurate Sampling
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The Best Graduated Chromatography Vials for Measuring Sample Volume

Oct. 27th, 2023
Precision and accuracy in analytical chemistry are of utmost importance, whether you are working in a research lab, pharmaceutical facility or quality control environment. Being able to measure sample volumes with accuracy is essential and graduated chromatography vials play an integral part in ensuring accurate sample volume measurements. In this article we'll look at various options available to ensure precise sample volume measurements.

Graduated chromatography vials are specially-crafted containers used to store and measure liquid samples for analysis in chromatography. With clear markings in milliliters (ml) or microliters (ul), users can accurately gauge the volume of their sample for accurate results. Graduated chromatography vials offer precise measurement capabilities necessary for precise results from analyses performed in chromatography.

4 Factors to Consider

When selecting suitable graduated chromatography vials for your needs, several considerations should be taken into account:

1. Material: Glass vials are often preferred due to their chemical resistance and transparency. Plastic vials offer another solution as lightweight yet shatterproof containers.

2. Volume Range: 
Consider your sample volumes before choosing vials; different size vials exist to meet specific needs.

3. Graduation Types: Some vials offer both single and double graduations for added convenience, whilst some even feature both features for even greater user comfort.

4. Certifications: Lastly, ensure your vial is certified before proceeding with its use.

For applications that require stringent quality control, ensure the vials meet relevant industry standards and certifications. Here are some of the best graduated chromatography vials currently on the market:
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Top Graduated Chromatography Vials

Agilent Technologies Vials:
Esteemed for their exceptional quality and precision, Agilent vials are popular with chromatographers.

2. Wheaton Vials: Wheaton offers an assortment of glass and plastic vials known for their durability and reliability.

3. Thermo Fisher Scientific Vials: 
Thermo Fisher Scientific offers vials designed to meet the demanding chromatographic applications.

4. Restek Vials: These vials are widely acclaimed for their consistent quality and compatibility with various instruments.


Selecting suitable graduated chromatography vials is key to ensuring accurate and reliable analytical results. Consider your specific needs when making this selection - material, volume range, graduation type and certification requirements can all play an integral part. Fortunately, reliable manufacturers such as Agilent, Wheaton, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Restek offer multiple vials suitable for different applications - with these in your laboratory you can measure sample volumes with greater confidence and precision - ultimately improving the quality of your analytical work.

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