The Development of 500ml Clear Reagent Bottle in Laboratory
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The Development of 500ml Clear Reagent Bottle in Laboratory

Sep. 17th, 2020
In the first 10 years of HPLC, spectroscopic detectors dominated. Stop-flow scanning spectrophotometers have hardly been accepted in the market. The 500ml Reagent Bottles is used to hold the mobile phase of the chromatographic analyzer; in the development of chromatographic technology, 500ml clear reagent gradually enters the field of vision of the experimenter.
With the adoption of optical diode arrays, real-time spectrum measurement can be performed, and a complete UV-VIS spectrum can be obtained in real time, which has become an industry standard. At this time, 500ml Reagent Bottles gradually formed relevant production standards, laying the foundation for the classification and production of reagent bottles in the future.
After the remarkable success of GC-MS, various interface types were developed to combine two apparently incompatible technologies-one in a liquid environment and the other in a vacuum environment. This 500ml Reagent Bottles are not only used for holding mobile phase, but also used for daily reagent storage, dispensing, and transportation.
Today, 500ml Reagent Bottles have become a kind of glassware well known to experimenters; in daily analysis experiments, reagent bottles play an important role. Due to the development of industrialization, 500ml transparent reagent bottles can be mass-produced; therefore, the price of reagent bottles has also been reduced.
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