Wholesale 2ml Hplc Amber Vials from China
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Wholesale 2ml Hplc Amber Vials from China

May. 14th, 2020
Aijiren Tech offers an extensive range of 2mL Hplc Amber Vials with a variety of closed technologies such as screws, crimps or snaps. Meets all requirements for chromatography analysis (auto sampler compatibility, analytical purity, convenient and safe handling, etc.).

The 2mL Hplc Amber Vials for autosampler consists of type 5.0 and type 7.0 glass with a low metal content, preventing the sample from becoming unstable or leaching. Choosing a cap and septa can provide the best containment solution for your sample.
2mL Hplc Amber Vials is able to block out UV rays compared to Clear Vials, protecting samples that vary due to UV exposure. Depending on whether you need to mark the sample name on vial, you can choose 2mL Hplc Amber Vials with or without a writing area.
2mL Hplc Amber Vials is a key product of Aijiren, which has focused on the production of 2mL Hplc Amber Vials since its inception in 2007. Aijiren is one of the largest laboratory supplies suppliers in southern China.
Our 2mL Hplc Amber Vials is sold in more than 70 countries around the world. Our products are cheap and quality-assured, and if your experiment consumes a lot of 2mL Hplc Amber Vials, then aijiren's 2mL Hplc Amber Vials is your choice.