Wholesale 2ml Hplc Vials Supplier from China
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Wholesale 2ml Hplc Vials Supplier from China

Jul. 14th, 2020
2ml Hplc Vials classification is usually based on the diameter of the vial body, the height of the vial, and the finish of the thread. Transparent glass and amber glass exhibit similar inert. Amber glass is used to avoid sensitive sample exposure from UV light. Vial marking is useful for sample identification.
The Aijiren 2ml Hplc Vials can be used in place of a storage rack and acts as a storage rack during the course of the experiment. It looks attractive and easy to use. Automatic counting and rigorous packaging process ensure product safety. This ensures the quality of the package and prevents contamination due to human factors.
Example of 2ml Hplc Vials function
1. Very high inertity: The inertity of the sample vial reduces the peak variation of the analytic.
2. Consistent performance: Each batch of sample vials has consistent performance, saving more time by troubleshooting and rerunning the sample.
3. Certificate of Analysis: The sample vial comes with an analysis certificate, ensuring that it functions properly even in harsh environments.
Chromatography vials are containers designed to temporarily hold samples analyzed as part of gas (GC) or liquid (HPLC) chromatography. Aijreien Tech offers a wide range of 2ml Hplc Vials that have passed ISO9001:2020 quality certification, delivering the industry's best quality to make sample analysis the most accurate.

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