Wholesale 4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial from China Supplier
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Wholesale 4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial from China Supplier

Jan. 15th, 2020
Our 4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial certified autosampler vials are made of Type 33 and Type 51 COE borosilicate glass with low metal content to protect your samples from instability or leaching. By choosing our caps and septa, you can provide the best sealing solution for your samples.
If your sample size is limited, consider using inserts for your chromatography vials.4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial blades come in many shapes and sizes. It is best to use a tapered blade with a plastic spring on the bottom, as the spring ensures that the vial liner is used for sealing.
Why choose us for 4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial.
1.ISO certified company system controls all processes;
2, 4 years OEM experience promises that all orders can be processed well;
3, 1 year warranty, guarantee the products we supply, and ensure stable quality;
4. All products have passed CE certification, and SGS test report will be issued if necessary;
5.24-365 hours of sales + technical service will solve the problem within 2 hours;
Aijiren not only brings you reliable 4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial,but also brings you excellent service and real value, which you will look forward to and enjoy. Join now and let us be your "ultimate business partner".

There have any requirement about 4ml Screw Top Autosampler Vial,please contact with Zhejiang Aijrien Technology.For Chromatography consumables we are prorfessional.