Certified 13mm Screw Vials and Caps for Sale
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Certified 13mm Screw Vials and Caps for Sale

Jan. 15th, 2020
Zhejiang Aijrien mainly produces various chromatographic sample vials, 13mm Screw Vials, syringe filters, petri dishes, Kuvit, freezing tubes, deep well plates, centrifuge tube chromatography membrane filters, medical pharmacy bottles, butyl rubber Plugs, various types of thermometers are used in the laboratory.

This special technology stationary phase is a solid material on which sample compounds are adsorbed. The mobile phase is liquid chromatography or gas phase. Adsorption and absorption are completely different. Here, the molecules are adsorbed to the surface, but the molecules do not become part of this part.
In addition to instrument requirements, you should also consider how the 13mm Screw Vials color and material affect your sample. If your sample is sensitive to light, use an amber bottle.
Another option is to use a vial into which the blade has been fused. This convenience eliminates the need to assemble 13mm Screw Vials and blades before use.

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