Wholesale 9mm autosampler vials with screw cap and ptfe septa
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Wholesale 9mm autosampler vials with screw cap and ptfe septa

Oct. 28th, 2021
2ml autosampler vials with 9-425 threaded screw cap, 9mm blue PP bottle cap and pre-opened natural PTFE with seamless white silicone compartment to match sample bottle. The sample bottle is made of transparent Class A borosilica glass with a writeable label for sample identification. These sample bottle caps are 9 mm in size, 11.6 mm in diameter, 32 mm in height and 2 ml in size 100 packs.
The 9-425 screw cap and 2ml autosampler sample vials feature a unique threaded design that ensures consistent sealing, reusability, non-volatile and easy to use. The 9mm screw cap is superior to the 11mm jaw cover because the 9mm screw cap can be easily applied and removed by hand and can be reused.
Pre-opened seam Nuture PTFE with no open seam white silicone partition can reduce the HPLC needle damage rate, to ensure good puncture capacity, thickness of 1mm± 0.05, Shaw hardness of 45 degrees, closely fit the cap;
Amber borosilicate glass protects photosensitive samples from UV rays. Ideal for all acidic, neutral and alkaline pH injections, it is also highly resistant to thermal shock and can be disinfected before or after filling. These amber vials and caps are used in most standard HPLC and GC applications and high-throughput analysis.
2ml autosampler vials application compatible with Agilent, Shizu, Somerset, Varian, Waters, etc. Compatible with a wide range of autosampler sample bottles in the chemical, pharmaceutical and scientific research laboratories.

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