Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials for Lab Use for Sale
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Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials for Lab Use for Sale

Jul. 26th, 2020
 The dimensions of the 12x32mm Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials are standard among manufacturers, but the length of the neck and the width/shape of the vial shoulder may vary. The outer dimensions of the 12x32mm microbaal are the same, but the inside of the vial can be tapered to reduce capacity or insert fused inserts. The 12x32mm high recovery vial has a cone bottom inside.
Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials for HPLC systems with septum caps glued. 100 clear/amber bottles 32x11.6mm, 2ml lab vials 9-425 threaded, flat base sample vials made of borosilicate glass; Made of USP type I glass. With writing patch for pencil mark.
HPLC vial Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials. Wide open vials have a wider target area to make it easier to prepare samples and reduce the likelihood of needles bending and breaking during sampling. Vials are manufactured in clear type 1 class A or amber type 1 class B borosilicate glass. 10-425 screw fasteners and 10mm septums are required.
They are sold in several sizes, but Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials are more commonly used. The autosampler needle penetrates the cap during injection and pulls the necessary sample allicoat out of the vial. Sigma Aldrich is proud to offer a large number of vials for chromatography applications.

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