2ml Lab HPLC Vial with Screw Cap in Chromatography System

2ml Lab HPLC Vial with Screw Cap in Chromatography System

Jul. 30th, 2020
The increasingly complex species being analyzed put sought higher levels of laboratory efficiency. More and more laboratories are adopting automated solutions to increase efficiency and increase the value of long-term operations. In chromatography experiments, the use of 2ml Screw autosampler vial is an effective way to improve productivity.
2ml Lab HPLC Vial with cap is used for chromatography system. In the experimental system, the automatic sample system has the high-tech innovation ability, can improve the productivity of the chemical laboratory, and achieve excellent results in efficiency, safety and replicability. Therefore, 2ml Lab HPLC Vial is also of great concern.
2ml Lab HPLC Vial with screw cap is belong to HPLC autosampler vials. The classification of HPLC autosampler vials is generally done based on the diameter of the vial body, vial height, and thread finish. Clear glass and amber glass present similar inertness. 
2ml Lab HPLC Vial with screw cap is compatible to all kind of instrument. Autosampler needle pierces through the cap during injection and withdraws the required amounts of analyte from the sample vial.
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