Professional Supplier for 2ml Amber Vials Price

Professional Supplier for 2ml Amber Vials Price

Jul. 26th, 2020
2ml Amber Vials and caps are easy to use and do not require any special tools. The unique thread design ensures a consistent and secure seal and prevents evaporation. Screw vials are available in 8-425 (8mm), 9-425 (9mm), 10-425 (10mm) and 13.425 (13mm) neck finishes.
Aijiren HPLC, GC, and 2ml Amber Vials provide the lowest ion content possible to reduce sample loss and contamination. Aijiren HPLC, GC, and Auto Sampler vials and cap products are manufactured from start to finish and provide high-quality, state-of-the-art solutions for the most challenging and sensitive applications.
Ideal for a variety of applications.Aijiren 2ml Amber Vials are used for collection, storage, and transport procedures. The range of material manufacturing and capacity options allows users to tailor based on content and process requirements. Non-sterile or sterile vials are available in amber, white, or transparent, transparent, as seen without difficulty. Open top, closed top, or screw cap.
2ml Amber Vials glass screw top auto sampler vials are available in a variety of neck finishes and opening diameters. Large diameter or wide ID vials have a diameter of about 40% wider than standard open vials. Large openings reduce the risk of autosampler needle bending during sampling.

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