China Supplier offer 2ml Amber Vials for Hplc System

China Supplier offer 2ml Amber Vials for Hplc System

Jul. 26th, 2020
Aijiren is a manufacturer specializing in 2ml Amber Vial. Aiziren's customers are based in more than 70 countries around the world. Aijiren has won the title of well-known experimental consumables supplier in China with service and product quality.
2ml Amber Vial come in a variety of sizes, and the vial caps are made of aluminum or plastic for crimp seals. Amber glass vials are available with a screw top with a capacity of 2-60 ml. The insert works in conjunction with any autosampler to fit the vials of standard or wide openings.
Glass sample 2ml Amber Vial are generally divided into low boron and neutral. The difference is that the content of borosilicate and the physical and chemical properties of the glass are also different. Aijiren can provide sample vials of two materials. In high throughput laboratories, it is recommended to use borosilicate glass.
The 2ml Amber Vial is assembled with an open-top screw cap and a silicon septum on the PTFE surface. Available in both transparent and amber glass, the size is from 2 mL to 40 mL. Transparent vials are made of borosilicate glass with a low extraction rate. Amber vial is Wreaton-320 borosilicate glass. All vials are provided in shrink packaging modules to prevent contamination.

Any requirement about 2ml Amber Vial ,Aijiren is your best choice.