How to clean headspace chromatography vial?

How to clean headspace chromatography vial?

Dec. 19th, 2019

Potential problems of incomplete cleaning sample headspace vial:

Sample loss; Chromatographic hem can be produced by the reason of Solvent and septa; Damage of autosampler instrument; Sample degradation; Injection repeatability is poor, etc. In a word, the result of the experiment will deviate.

Clean headspace vial

The cleaning method of Sample Headspace Vial:

According to the glassware washing method and sample headspace vial pollution degree, the following is introduced four ways to clean the sample headspace vial:

A:Alcohol Cleaning

1.Dip sample headspace vial in 95% alcohol and pour off the alcohol from Sample headspace vial, after 2 times the ultrasound cleaning.
2.Pour in the water to Sample headspace vial and wash it 2 times by ultrasound.
3.Pour off cleaning water, bake Sample Headspace vial at 110℃ for 1-2 hours. Note that you can't bake the
Sample Headspace vial at high temperature.
4.Refrigeration and Deposit.
Sample headspace vial

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